About Us


Michigan Financial is a full service mortgage company, located in Northville, MI and Westland, MI that works with credit unions, and its members, to serve their mortgage needs. By working with non-profit, tax free organizations, Michigan Financial is able to offer competitive rates with minimal costs on each mortgage. Like your credit union, we focus on personal service, and develop a relationship with our clients, to better understand their needs. Call us today, to find out why Michigan Financial is your best mortgage solution.

At Michigan Financial, we do what we say, and say what we do, plain and simple. Built upon a foundation of integrity and trust, our advice is not profit driven. Unlike our competitors, our approach is to ask questions, before we give any recommendation. This enables us to determine what your needs are, so we can help you accomplish your goals. At Michigan Financial, it’s all about the “NET”. We’ve streamlined the mortgage process, eliminating unnecessary fees, to increase your bottom line. With countless programs and options, Michigan Financial is here to serve your mortgage needs.

We are committed to your mortgage, from beginning to end. Offering members a full spectrum of services, Michigan Financial is a licensed lender and service provider. What that means to credit union members is the ability to keep their mortgage with their credit union. Offering online access to your mortgage, and the ability to make payments right at the credit union, Michigan Financial is committed to making its mortgage as convenient as possible. Let Michigan Financial be your mortgage provider.

Home ownership is still the American Dream for many individuals and families today. Let Michigan Financial Mortgage Company make that dream become a reality.

Refinancing offers homeowners the opportunity to restructure their finances and take advantage of mortgage rates, real estate prices, interest rates and tax benefits.

Although interest rates have been slowly creeping up, the good news is they are still historically at an all time low. For more information regarding today’s interest rates contact us!